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Mama Olga will be at the door to welcome you accompanied by many of the founding moyo people, including the legendary Amos Dlamini (Oxtail Amos) and Mark Massyn (GM / Executive Chef). Our award winning pan-African cuisine and warm hospitality will bring the heart and soul of Africa to your event.



We are proud to introduce you to some of the people who have made the moyo magic happens for over 20 years, and continue the proud African tradition with ZULAS.

Amos Dlamini

executive chef

Inspirational Chef from the heart of KwaZulu. Amos is the founding chef of the moyo group, and has over 45 years of experience in boldly presenting the best in slow-cooked African cuisine. Best know for Oxtail Amos (named for him), he continues to be the rock on which our culinary adventures are based

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